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The team members at Two Rivers have built a name for themselves as some of the most prolific filmmakers in Cambodia. Our team has worked on features not only in Cambodia, but on major productions across the world. Several of the projects we have produced here have also earned a spot on international streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Shudder, raising the profile of South East Asian Production and helping spread stories from the region across the globe.

In Cambodia, our work offers a platform for both the top domestic talent and for collaborators from neighboring countries and further afield. Even as we have scaled up our operation to pull off some of Cambodia’s largest homemade productions, our diverse work experience also enables us to develop, write, prep, shoot, edit and market our productions—all under one roof. Whether it’s a small budget horror film, or a large scale action-comedy, we are dedicated to delivering films that tell authentic stories and push artistic boundaries.

We are always looking for new partners interested in creating our films. Please reach out if you are would like to collaborate with us.

If you’re interested in working with us to produce feature films, let us know. We would love to hear from you.

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